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An Introduction to Moil School, Darwin

At Moil School, Everybody Matters, Everybody Belongs. Moil Preschool and Primary School work together to deliver quality learning programs for all students from Preschool to Year 6. We are immensely proud of our school which is culturally diverse and includes an Intensive English Unit which caters for students newly arrived in Australia to gain proficiency in written and spoken English. At Moil School in Darwin, we welcome students from a wide range of diverse cultures, coming together in a very caring school environment. We are a small school with dedicated staff and wonderful students. Everyone Belongs & Everyone Matters. At Moil, We Care.

Choir Singing 'We Are Australian'

Our dedicated and talented choir sing 'We are Australian' to celebrate Harmony Day 2021


A 1 minute look at our happy, vibrant students in their learning environment at Moil Primary School.

Assessment Capable Writers Project

Moil School explains how the Assessment Capable Writers Project has greatly improved the quality of students' work.

Student's Wishes for Moil School Term 3, 2021

Our delightful Moil School Students express their wishes for improving Moil School in 2022. Some fantastic ideas include a dedicated school bus, a swimming pool and expressions of interest in learning commerce and animal husbandry.

Beat Choir - Climb by Miley Cyrus

Moil school's Beat Choir presented Miley Cyrus' song "climb" at assembly in Term 3 Week 5 2021

2021 Colour Fun Run

Moil School students participated in their 2021 Colour Fun Run to raise much needed funds for the schools. We are a small school of just 200 students, so we are ecstatic about raising a huge $6000 for our school. Thank you to our amazing Moil School Community, Staff, Families and of course our dedicated and wonderful Moil School Students!

Food Ladder Greenhouse Competition

Moil students talk about the benefits of winning a Greenhouse for Moil School's garden. Thanks to Food Ladder, Moil students have entered a competition to win a Greenhouse for Moil School. If we win, this would not only benefit the students, but the school community as a whole. Bringing together our culturally diverse families to share their knowledge of growing a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Moil students participated in Education NT's "Make School Your Story' Rap song initiative.


In the Top End we enjoy a fantastic Territory Day celebration on July 1. Moil students were excited to create this video for everyone.